Monday, February 6, 2017

Do you know how dirty is the air you breath?

Do you how dirty actually is the air you breath? Many people don’t actually know how polluted is the air they breathe.
My air seems fine, it’s not polluted
Pollution is one of the top 5 most dangerous environmental health risks according to the EPA. It may not seem dangerous but it certainly is. There are over 200,000 emergency room visits each year due to mold and dust mites. In Los Angeles, California, 6,000 people lost their lives due to exposure to indoor pollutants in one year. If you think your air is clean and uncontaminated, it might be time to reconsider.
You’re right, I need to know more about this problem!
An average of 42,000 dust mites can be found in just one ounce of dust and 80 percent of that dust comes from human skin. Even if you think your house or your room is relatively clean, don’t be deceived. There are dust mites and other pollutants in your room. If you gather all that dust from just one year of living in a small apartment or house, you will have a 40lb load of dust.
That’s a lot of dust but dust can’t harm me, right?
Wrong. According to the American College of Allergists, half of all illnesses are caused by contaminated air. Dust contains everything else in the air such as pollutants and contaminants that can cause you to be sick. Studies have shown that 90 percent of colds, flu, and other viral illnesses are caught indoors. The dust and dust mites in your apartment that you don’t think are damaging your health are damaging your health. They directly contribute to you getting sick or worse, going to the hospital, but these are all problems you can avoid.
How do I avoid these problems?
You can invest in an Atlas air purifier. The Atlas air purifiers release negative ions and ozone in a two step process to effectively rid the air of contaminants and pollutants.
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Monday, January 23, 2017

Atlas Air Purifier - You Get What You Pay For

Here at Atlas we understand that you have many other options when buying air purifiers. I am here today to demonstrate how our air purifiers are a notch above our competitors.
“You Get What You Pay For”
You get what you pay for. The cost of a product can almost always be directly related to the quality of that product and that absolutely applies in the world of air purifiers. There are thousands of cheap air purifiers all over the web on Ebay, Amazon, and countless other websites. What sets ours apart from all the other ones is the quality of our air purifiers. When you buy an Atlas air purifier, you can rest easy knowing you are getting what you are paying for.
What am I paying for?
You are paying for an air purifier crafted from the best parts available.  Atlas air purifiers are always sleek and elegant while being made with the strongest material.  Other companies might use cheaper material that does not hold up as well to save money. Their air purifiers might be cheaper, but they will also break down much faster. While other companies ship out their products straight from inventory, we test every product before shipment to ensure your air purifier is functioning properly. We never ship out a product that does not pass our tests. Atlas has been in business since 2006 so we are a reputable company that you can trust to provide the highest quality products.
How else is Atlas Air Purifiers above the rest?
We ship all orders the same day if payment is received before 2 PM PST. Atlas also has the best customer service. If you need assistance with anything regarding our air purifiers or our website, our customer service assistants will aid you instantly. We do not put you on hold or make you wait. Our customer service assistants are trained to spend as much time as required with you on the line to solve any problems or to answer any questions. If we cannot find a solution over the phone, we have trained technicians that can repair any malfunctioning product.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016


In our daily life, too many miscellaneous things gather our attention, such as work, house, school, and car. At the same time, the pressure of life often leaves us with little or no time to be mindful of our health and how we inhale hazardous substances in the air. Literally, people always ignore the increasingly polluted air which is a challenge to our health. With the increasingly serious environmental pollution, many interior decoration materials produce pollution and paint fumes which become the invisible killer for health.
With the rapid economic development, people's living standards are steadily improved and a variety of high-technology products gradually come into people’s daily life. However, the quality of the air has declined at the same time as people enjoy the convenience of certain technologies. 
As time goes by, people noticed the importance of health and how without an excellent body conditions, it is impossible to increase our happiness index. Being healthy is the basic condition on the top of increasing life quality; therefore, it is worth to purchase a valuable air purifier to improve the quality of air which we constantly breath.

Consumers generally maintain certain stereotypes with regards to the methods of cleaning air in the following areas:
 First, Opening the window frequently can purify the air and improve indoor air quality. If the outdoor environment has low air pollution index, ventilation is able to improve the composition of oxygen in the air, reducing the concentration of toxic gases. However, if the pollution is more critical in indoor areas, outdoor pollution will also be more critical than indoor. So the traditional ventilation not only cannot improve the indoor air pollution environment, but also it is more likely to increase indoor pollution.
Second, in terms of getting rid of bacteria, smell, and formaldehyde, each brand of air purifier can probably do a decent job. However, some manufacturers exaggerated product features in order to sell their under-rated products, but in fact they can only remove part of the harmful substances. Therefore, not every brand of air purifier can eliminate bacteria, odor, formaldehyde and other harmful substances at the same time.
Air purifiers have several main functions such as purifying, sterilization and getting rid of allergens, plus other superfluous functions which are unnecessary. 
With the development of economy and technology, the destruction of the environment is becoming more and more serious. The pressure of life is also increasing. Pure and fresh air not only help our body and mind health, but also can relieve stress and relax.
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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Atlas Air Purifier Quartz Infrared Heater

Summer is over and fall is upon us. The days are shorter and the nights are much colder. We can no longer waltz outside in a t shirt and shorts anymore. It is time for sweaters, jackets, and warm clothing. Pretty soon it will be winter and even colder than now. When it gets even colder and your house is freezing cold, how will you stay warm?
What is the best way to stay warm when it gets so cold?
A heater is definitely the way to go when it gets too cold for comfort. No matter how many extra layers you put on or how thick of a blanket you use, nothing beats the warmth generated by a heater in the winter. A heater ensures the entire house is warm rather than just one part of your body.
But heaters are so expensive, I can’t afford one!
Most heaters are very expensive, but not at Atlas! The Atlas Air Purifier store carries the most affordable selection of heaters. If you thought you could not afford a heater, come check out our online store and you will be surprised by how affordable our heaters are compared to other heaters. We are taking it another step further by offering discounts on top of the already low prices! The Premium Atlas Indoor Quartz Infrared Heater with Remote Control was originally $499.99 but is now only $102.11. This is not the only massive discount; all other heaters are also on sale.
Are your prices so low because the heaters aren’t good?
No, not at all, the Premium Atlas indoor heater warms spaces of 1,000 feet up to 90oF.We use high quality wooden cabinets to give the heater a classy look. The state of the art quartz infrared technology ensures efficiency. Our heater is extremely powerful and guaranteed to keep you and your family warm.
Aren’t heaters also dangerous? I don’t want to set my house on fire!
The Atlas heater uses a timer that allows you to control when to shut it off. We even include a remote control so you can shut it off at anytime from any place. We include another level of security on top of that with the automatic temperature reset protection technology. If it gets too hot, the system will automatically reset so there will never be a risk of fire. Here at Atlas Air Purifier we use the most cutting edge of technology to ensure the safety of our customers. The heater is so safe that your pets can even sleep on top!
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How do Atlas Air Purifiers Work?

Waking up in the morning sneezing, sniffling, with a runny nose and irritated eyes sucks. Anyone who has allergies can attest to that. We constantly try everything we can to combat allergies, from taking allergy medicine to using eye drops with little to no success. There might finally be a method to eliminate allergies which is gaining traction in those who have allergies, air purifiers.
What do air purifiers even do?
Air purifiers function by removing air contaminants and other particles from the air to ensure you are not breathing them in. Moisture from anything can lead to mold spores, dust particles will always be in the air indoors, bacteria circulates around, pollens and allergens blown in from outdoors, and many other contaminants are in the air at home due to uncontrollable circumstances. Breathing in these contaminants causes ill effects which are magnified in those with allergies and asthma. It is crucial to remove those contaminants so they do not cause your allergies to act up.
How do I know they actually work?
This all boils down to the science behind air purifiers. Ozone is a highly reactive molecule so it readily attaches itself to other molecules. Ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms, which is one more than the oxygen molecule we commonly associate with as the oxygen we breathe. That extra oxygen atom readily attaches to the contaminants and completely changes the chemical structure of its molecules. It alters the chemical structure in such a way that it is no longer a contaminant.
I don’t really know how to pick out an air purifier, can you help me?
Come over to the Atlas store today and we can help you find the perfect purifier to suit all your needs. Our most popular line is the 300 series. The Atlas 300A is the perfect model for those trying to explore the idea of using an air purifier at home. It covers up to 3,500 square feet of room so it can cover most households by itself. Not only is our 300A model extremely powerful, emitting 11 trillion ions, but it is also extremely compact, makes no noise, and only consumes 20 watts of energy.
Isn’t it expensive to have an air purifier?
We have cut prices on all our air purifiers.  The 300A model is largely discounted right now. There is no real price tag for the peace of mind knowing you are breathing clean air and knowing your allergies will not be acting up every morning.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dehumidifier Is Worthy Buying?

If you are facing a problem of excess humidity at your house, and you want to get rid of it, use of a dehumidifier is the only option with you. Picking up the wrong dehumidifier will not help you at all, so be wise while making decision of purchasing dehumidifier. Do not waste your time in purchasing the wrong dehumidifier then replacing it with right one. Do purchase from the right manufacturer or retailer, who is famous in your town, recommended by someone or you select it yourself after reviewing all the reviews available about that retailer. 

Tips for having best dehumidifier
Do not go for fancy packing and detailed features of a dehumidifier. Deeply study your needs related a to dehumidifier, then search on the internet for the variety available according to your needs. Which size, color, and price are suiting you best, look at the available options, do weightage of all that and select the best one in your favor. If you are buying it for your office, consider the size of your office, then go for the matching and decent color of the device for it.
If you are making purchase for your living room, kitchen, basement or for any medium sized bed room. Make a list of your requirement related to absorption of humidity; either it is 50 pints or 70 pints moisture per day or more than that. Go to market, either it is an online or physical market, explore the products variety, search for that one which fulfills your needs within reasonable and competitive price. Price varies according to the functionality of dehumidifier because sometimes you need the small one which may be able to absorb 20 to 30 points for daily.

Dehumidifier for commercial use
Industrial dehumidifier and commercial dehumidifier are commonly purchased by business parties, not by an individual who wants it for his basement. Dehumidifier unit can be used in warehouses of large scales; dehumidifier need is well defined in these places. The price of commercial dehumidifiers is almost double or triple to house dehumidifiers.

Some usage guidance
 Making such an expensive or say a large amount of a product will obviously demand something in return from retailer. At that time client is supposed to demand a guarantee card from the retailer. Guarantee for a unit shouldn’t be least than one year. A dehumidifier is a unit which is used on the daily basis that is why the chances of a dehumidifier to get damage is more likely to happen. It is normal but sending your dehumidifier for repairing after every ten days or a month is costly.

Always keep an extra piece or unit of a dehumidifier in your store room. In case one gets damage to meet the daily requirements you should have another one in back up. If the dehumidifier is of large size and you need to move it around, it can be risky, so the best solution is to place them in a trolley. Mini dehumidifier weight is not more than 40 pounds so you can move it around without any trouble. Choose the best and efficient dehumidifier for your home and commercial use.
 Atlas Air Purifier Renewable Wireless Dehumidifier

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Atlas Air Purifier Mini Room Dehumidifier Quilt Electric Air Moisture Appliance

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Have Fresh Air with Air Purifier

Two words fresh air and polluted air, are they just words? No, I don’t think so. They are the states of our breathing air, are they supposed to be cleaned or fresh, or another way is whatever sort of air we are breathing is just fine. We have to decide, what it should be? Off course, an individual who is concerned about his health will surely prefer the clean air in his surroundings.
Fresh air is available only when we are in open air, the in green area and clean area, but what when we come home towards indoor side, is it equally fresh like outdoor air? Off course, not windows are closed; doors are closed, from where fresh air will get enter to your house. What to do then; use air purifier at that time. Install air purifying device at your home because you spent most of the hours of day and night at your home in your room.
Function of air purifier
You just enter your home, no fresh air because of lack of ventilation, closed doors, dark environment. Diseases and allergies like cold and asthma re waiting to attack you. To keep yourself from that entire unclean environment, install air purifying device at your house. Get complete rid of pollutant particles roaming in air of your house. Dust particles containing some pollen, pet dander, and mold spores which later cause respiratory problems are needed to be cleaned up from the air in which you breathe.
Air purifier function gets to start over there; it completely cleans the air from pollutants and dust particles, insures healthier air which is free from all containment. Take you out of all risks related to respiratory diseases or issues.
Polluted air reasons
Air pollution accelerates need of air purifiers. Big industries, large manufacturers are responsible for polluting air and adding gaseous substances to the air. Dense and dark smokes, burn out particles is contributing greatly to affect the cleanliness and freshness of air.
Efforts needed to remove it
Using air purifier in that technological air is essential. Selection of which supplier do you consider to facilitate you with this blessing device is a point to consider. Always go for that purifier which contains E-film filters, e-film filters has the capability to remove very tiny particles possibly having size of 0.3 microns can be removed from the air.
Need of Variety of air purifiers  
Buy an air purifier according to your need. Consider the size, function, and price according to your affordability criteria. Purifier can be installed at one place and can be moved like a mobile phone from one place to another place. Some of them need an area to be placed but go for the one which suits you best.

Breathing in clean air will give you fresh feelings and will encounter all of your respiratory problems. Do not put yourself in a variety of risks related to respiration; instead use air purifier in all your nearby area where you are expected to breath for long hours. 
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