Sunday, May 22, 2016

Choose the Perfect Place for an Air Purifier in Your Bedroom

Air purifiers are used to clean the indoor air by filtering out various harmful toxins, particles and pollutants that are circulating all over your living area. While it’s a pretty useful purchase for every homeowner, air purifier turns to be especially helpful for the people, who suffer from asthma, the little ones and the elderly. To get the most of your device, it’s recommended to locate an indoor air purifier in the bedroom since this is the place, where one breathes deepest. While some of the models of the air purifiers must be placed directly in the middle of the room, the others look and function excellent near the wall. Make sure to carefully read the instructions listed below before you locate your device anywhere in your home.

What’s Your Purpose?

Air purifiers gain popularity due to thorough filtration and cleaning of the indoor air. Experts tend to claim that a lot of homeowners spend up to 90% of their lifetime indoors. The bad news is that the indoor air can be almost 10% dirtier than the one outside. Air purifiers are designed to help. A fan built into the device sucks in the indoor air and then simply transfers it inside the purifier. Then, the item releases clean air back into your house. Mind that the air purifiers are built to clean the environment of one room only. In case you need to purify the settings in several bedrooms, you will have to purchase more machines.  

How You Run Your Air Purifier

When choosing an indoor air purifier, you’re getting a reliable tech that will protect you and your family from bedroom allergens, such as mold spores, dust mites, airborne bacteria, pet dander, various household gases, as well as a range of volatile compounds that can be found in the products like paints, varnishes, disinfectants, etc. Since we spend most of our time indoors, in our bedroom, installing an air purifier in the room will protect us from allergies, asthma and contamination from the indoor air pollutants.  

Choose the Right Location

According to the industry experts, bedroom air purification devices must be installed about 6-10 feet from the head of the bed you sleep on. Mind that the directional registers should point toward you. If you place the item closer to you, it’s most likely that you’ll feel a draft. If placed any further away, the indoor air purifier won’t provide you with the right amount of filtered air. Just make sure to locate the product squarely on the bedroom floor. Some of the machines are required to be installed in the middle of the room so that they could provide the maximum level of filtration. If choosing the right place for the purifier in your bedroom is a problem for you, search for the devices that provide 360ยบ filtration and can be located 6 inches to the food away from the bedroom wall. Some manufacturers offer air purifiers that one can place right up against the wall.


When buying an indoor air purifier to install one in your bedroom, give your preference to the device equipped with a ‘sealed system.’ The later is designed to keep dirty indoor air and clean air separately.

It’s recommended to keep your machine on 24/7 with the highest setting. But remember that the air purifier may be pretty loud. If you leave the bedroom, just turn the item all the way up. Once you’re back, make sure to turn it down.

Before the purchase, make certain to check the attached warranty, the filters used in the system and how often they should be changed. You will do yourself a favor if you purchase the replacement filters at the same time that you buy an air purifier. Thus, you won’t have a break in indoor air filtration, when the old filters break down.

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