Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pick the Right Air Purifier

In home appliance market, there are so many kinds of air purifier, people really get confused about which one to buy. Usually air purifiers is distinguished by their filter types. There are HEPA filters, Ozone generators and Activated carbon filter. The regular HEPA filter can remove most particles in the air by collecting them in the filter, and Ozone generators can eliminate particles by gather them together and make them cling to a nearby surface. Activated carbon filter usually is used to absorb smoke, odors and gases. However, those filters has their own limitation, for example, regular filters can only trap those particles passing through them, but in reality only less than 10% air in the indoor area will reach the filter. In order to keep our indoor area clean and fresh, the air need to be cleaned 100%.
 Atlas Air Purifier's products has the ability to make such an accomplishment because this branded air purifier which can generate activated oxygen(O3) and negative ions. As some of people may know, earth clean itself by creating negative ions, and most indoor pollution particles are positively charged. The negative ions allows the "particles to clump together, add weight, and fall out of the air because of gravity". Together O3 and negative ions can attack air pollution by removing odors, break down mold and mildew, and reduce airborne irritation. Based on the technologies they have been used, Living Lightning Alpine branded air purifier definitely is superior compare to others.

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